In Times Of Trouble...We Bring You Hot Guys With Dogs

model with cute dog with abs pecs muscles tan

Is that a puppy in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?


These are trying times I think we can all agree. Political upheaval, a global pandemic, social unrest, a mental health crisis it’s all going off and it’s troubling for us all. Somewhere amongst all this we need to squeeze Christmas in as well. The general consensus is that life is troubling so there is only one thing to turn to…dogs! And more importantly, their hot human owners.


Doggy Style 


There’s been so many stories in the press over the last six months of people trying to get puppies during the first lockdown in the UK. We’re a very doggy nation and what better time to get man’s best friend to comfort us than when you have the time to devote it all to them?


model with german shepherd topless in park

Having a German Shepherd makes him hotter somehow


Sadly, there’s also been a rash of tales detailing unscrupulous puppy breeders inflating prices and selling sick animals or dogs with hereditary issues. As is always the way, opportunists can strike at the most difficult of times (£100 a bottle of hand sanitiser anyone?).


Who's a good boy?


It’s the dogs we’re more interested in today though, and this is where our chaps come in. For every gorgeous pup comes a hot dog holding them. Way back in the nineties it was all about the Athena posters (look it up!) where you’d get a hunky chap holding a baby. Now it’s about finding the perfect mutt to match your man.


topless model with fluffy white dog and muscles

Ooh he would get filthy so easily. Nice dog too. 


It’s often said that a dog ends up resembling his owner and vice versa, so the dogs we’ve gathered have to be fine looking specimens to match up to their muscle-bound owners.


Having a dog is also good for going on the pull. Back when we were allowed to do that. Taking the dog out for a stroll is an instant conversation starter should you catch someone’s eye. How old is he? What’s his name? What breed is that? The questions can be endless and the longer they go on the more you know they are into you. You might not have as much luck if you have a small, silly toy dog that you carry in a bag but each to their own.


model in beanie with puppy in arms with muscles

It's a toss up here which one is cuter, dog or owner 


Less successful is pulling while you’re out walking in the park with other dog walkers. No, we’re not talking about dogging, taking an animal on that particular excursion probably isn’t a good idea.


Whatever reason you choose to get a dog, they really are man’s best friend and you get a loyalty with the you’d never get with a cat. On that note…


Next week, hot men with cats!

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