Jeff Brazier shows his PENIS during SAS who dares wins

SAS: Who Dares Wins is arguably one of the best midweek television programmes that has been on in recent years. The shows format follows 5 ex-special forces recreate the infamous SAS secret selection process which they put 30 people through. It is the ultimate test of both physical and psychological strength - and an extremely entertaining watch! Tasks range from assault courses, extreme weather expeditions and intense 24 hour tasks.

So naturally, like the majority of successful TV programmes there just has to be a celebrity version. When enlisting an exciting roster for a celebrity special there's one man who has done all the major ones and we're still not sick of him - an amazing feat really. Of course, we're talking about cheeky chappy and blonde bombshell Jeff Brazier. Brazier has featured in TV shows such Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Total Wipeout and Tipping Point: Lucky Stars but it was the long-lasting Shipwrecked that shot Brazier to stardom in 2001. The public automatically found an affinity for Essex boy (way before TOWIE) and it was from then that Brazier became a star. 



Brazier then went on to develop a relationship with former TV star Jade Goodie which he had two boys with. Jade Goodie unfortunately passed away in 2009 making Brazier a single father, a task we would wish upon no one but Brazier rose to the challenge as seen as TV show Superdaddy where we somehow fell further in love with the super-dad. 

So here we are in 2019 and Brazier is currently featuring in SAS: Who Dares Wins alongside reality stars such as MIC's Sam Thompson and Loose Women's Andrea McLean. They have been set through some painful, strenuous and heart-wrenching tasks. With all the entertaining things that have happened so far our favourite by far is Jeff Brazier showing his Penis.

After an extremely muddy excursion the team were washing off and preparing for their next task when Brazier openly admits that "Guys, sorry, I'm gonna have to get my c*ck out" fine by us, Jeff.



I mean, mentioning it alone is enough to have our minds wandering and our hearts racing but actually seeing it? take us now. We see the 39 year old in all his glory running through the barracks with his tail out and we for one absolutely loved it.



 The blonde hunk saw the funny side of the situation on social media by tweeting "When they said you’ll have to bare everything on #SASWhoDaresWins I thought they meant vulnerability and pain. Little did I know they’d be showing that. #Shrivel" Well we thought the ex-pro footballer looked fantastic.

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