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In honour of the final chapter of epic action John Wick we look back at the hottest roles Hollywood star who has lit up cinema screens now for over three decades. Reeves was born in Lebanon to Canadian parents in 1964 which from the jump makes the 54 year old a very interesting man. A young Keanu got into acting at the age of 9 then subsequently performing many on stage parts throughout his teens. At the tender age of 17 Reeves got a green card and moved to Los Angeles living with his ex-stepfather who was a stage and television director. From the jump he started landing small tv roles as well as featuring in adverts. It was in 1986 where Reeves got his big break when he starred in Rivers Edge, the critical success got the young Canadian hunk recognised then when to star in comedy cult classic Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.

Since arriving in the Hollywood scene the 6'1 dark horse has gone on to model for Dior, practice martial arts and he even is the guitar player in rock band in Dogstar. It's hard to tie to Reeves down to any particular film as he has starred in so many classics and looked amazing in every one. So without anymore talk here are our favourite and hottest roles he has played...



In the high speed (no pun intended) action thriller co-starring Sandra Bullock, Reeves steals the show by playing classic action-hero Jack Traven who is an LAPD officer part of the bomb squad. Early in the film the experienced bomb handler diffuses terrorist Howard Payne's (Dennis Hopper) bomb that was placed for a ransom. 

Later on in the film Payne orchestrates an elaborate bomb on an LA bus which is activated when the bus hits 50mph then detonates when the bus drops below that speed, hence the title Reeves and a passenger played by Sandra Bullock have to drive round Los Angeles at a fast pace whilst solving the problem. 

The film was a sleeper hit both commercially and critically as the film had a slow start but we all know it as an absolute action classic today. Critics praised the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Reeves and loved the intensity that Keanu brought to the role. This film is the best when you want a quick and easy action film to get the adrenaline flowing this is the one for you. Keanu Reeves locks amazing with his masculine buzz cut, bad cop attitude and plenty of shots of his tight athletic body to keep your eyes peeled the whole duration.



Point Break

 Keanu Reeves playing a hot cop... who is also an undercover surfer? Yeah, that's us sold. This film may be even more exciting than the aforementioned Speed as Point Break has both Reeves and Patrick Swayze, heart palpitations just thinking about it. How many films do you know that have two Hollywood hunks surfing for 2hrs?  

Again, Reeves plays a man of the law this time in the form of an undercover F.B.I agent called Johnny Utah who was also a former college quarterback so from the jump we automatically love this character. It's Utahs job to infiltrate a gang of surfers who are suspected to responsible for a string of bank robberies dressed up as ex-US presidents. The gang is led by the enthusiastic Bodhi (Swayze) who Johnny Utah ends up getting a long with which complicates matters. The film is a high octane thriller that we won't spoil if you haven't seen it!

If the premise of Reeves and Swayze doesn't sell this blockbuster alone  then surely seeing the both of them in their physical prime showing off their sculpted Hollywood bodies in wet suits should have your minds changed swiftly. If you love a good action movie this is literally the ideal film and an absolute essential for all those who have a thing for Keanu Reeves.



Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure

 This cult-comedy classic was the first film that introduced the world to the new up and coming hot Canadian (there's been a few since) and had us all thirsting for some more Reeves. This bro comedy couldn't be more 80s if it tried featuring big hair, camp outfits and cheesy comedy - we love it! This is Reeves in a rare comedic and less intense role and although he isn't playing classic hot action hero in this we do enjoy the more playful and flamboyant side to the actor.

The film takes place in San Dimas California as clueless teens are more focused on their failing rock band than their high school grades and are threatened by their teachers that they will fail high school if they can't pass history class. When debating what they're going to do outside a convenience store when they are met from a man from the future who presents them a time machine in order to go back in time and learn about history. If that wasn't ridiculous enough the two manage to mess it up therefore the likes of Napoleon, Joan of Arc and Socrates. Eventually they sort it out whilst learning more about history therefore ensuring their future status as rock legends. 

This film is a feel good comedy that doesn't really require your full attention, we recommend this after a long day where you just want to sit back, relax and have a few cheap laughs whilst ogling a young Keanu Reeves. This is is also one of the rare films where Keanu is super young and playful and we absolutely love the wild hair on him with the baby face.



The Matrix

This is THE Keanu Reeves film realistically, when someone mentions his name we all automatically see chiselled hunk in that sexy leather duster with the famous little shades on. This sci-fi classic is renowned as one the best in it's genre and one of the best films of all time. The film has gone on to make 171 million worldwide making it the 122nd highest grossing film of all time - not bad for the first film of a completely new franchise.

Without over complicating things, which is hard; does anyone fully "get" this film anyway? The film in it's simplest terms follows a regular guy who discovers that real life is a simulation and not the real thing. He then becomes Neo and takes down the evil agent smith (Hugo Weaver) to help save the regular people within the simulation.

Reeves looks unbelievably cool in this film in that long black duster, streamlined shades and black undershirt which has now become an iconic look associated with this film. This style birthed "cyber goth" a trend which is strangely as popular today as it was then. This one isn't an easy access film like the others but if you are big into your sci-fi and love a bit of Keanu in leather this one is for you.


John Wick

The rebirth - maybe the role we'll look back on as his most iconic. John Wick is . a straight up bad ass and hands down one of the greatest action characters of all time due to the fact that this man can take on absolutely anything and can't be killed by anyone. The first John Wick film had a budget of 30 million which it successfully flipped to 80 and received massive critical praise for it being one of the best non-stop action thrillers in some years which of course called for a sequel. Just like it's predecessor it absolutely smashed the box hence why John Wick 3 is currently in cinemas and there are even talks of a fourth.

 John Wick is a widowing ex-hitman who is still mourning the loss of his wife who recently gifted him with a beagle for companionship. Wick takes his 1969 Ford Mustang to the petrol station when he is 

This film is worth watching for the fact that Keanu Reeves is in a suit for pretty much the whole duration and the long hair and beard combo does absolutely everything for us. There is also a scene where he is in a tight white tee while literally hammering the ground open and honestly his muscles are something else. We will be definitely be making multiple trips to the cinema for this one.



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