Like Father Like Son Arnie's Lad Shows Off Good Genes

Joseph Baena in buff gym selfie

I'll be back! And abs, and pecs and biceps...


It’s been a busy week for the Schwarzenegger clan. Kingpin and former governor of California, Arnold made news by releasing a scathing video about Donald Trump and recent events that have happened in the USA. Running to over seven minutes long, Arnie made the prime-time news all around the world with his comments on the outgoing President, declaring him the worst president the US has ever had, amongst other things. The video was set to a dramatic score and he held aloft his Conan The Barbarian sword at the end for extra drama. Always the showman.  


Daddy's boy 


Arnie is not the only Schwarzenegger who’s popped up in the news however and we’re not complaining. His son Joseph Baena has put his massive muscles and bulging biceps on display in tracksuit bottoms at the gym, proving that he’s following in his father’s footsteps. How come the different last name you cry? Well, Joseph is 23 and is the son of Arnie and his old housekeeper Mildred Baena.


Joseph Baena and Arnie

Buffed up just like his pops


This wasn’t actually revealed until 2011 and lead to the end of his marriage to Maria Shriver, the mother to his other three children. Hmmm that sounds a bit awkward around the Christmas dinner table. Arnie reportedly only found out the boy was his when Joseph started to look like him. Back in August, Arnie’s lovechild was notably absent from his 73rd birthday but that could have been because his ex-wife was there. He later posted a happy birthday post on Instagram declaring that his dad was his ‘Number One’.


Muscles from er... California 


In the years that followed, Arnie has become closer to Joseph who is also a bodybuilder, exactly how Schwarzenegger started out in the seventies. Who better to take advice from about getting hench than the original Terminator? Joseph even trains at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California, where Arnie trained before winning Mr Olympia seven times before he became blockbuster gold.


chris pratt topless

You have a duty to be gym fit if your bro-in-law is a movie star


Another Schwarzenegger hitting the headlines recently was his daughter Katherine who is married to another Hollywood hunk, Chris Pratt. They recently had their first child and the Guardians of The Galaxy star even took the family photo at Arnie’s aforementioned 73rd birthday party.


Joseph has clearly taken to bodybuilding like a greased-up duck to water, flexing his super thick legs and showing how while he might not be a Schwarzenegger by name, he definitely shares the same (tight) genes.



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