Like see through boxers? Here's Lewis in the shower VIDEO.

Like wet, white and see through boxer shorts? Here's plumber Lewis purely for your viewing pleasure. 

See through wet boxer shorts

He's dripping! No, it's not The Vivienne winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race Season 1, it's builder and Box Menswear model Lewis Flint taking a shower in some Transparent Crotch KingFit Boxer Shorts

White, Wet Boxer Shorts

For those who don't know him, Bristol Boy Lewis won the Box Menswear model search competition in 2019 as voted for by the public, and joined a bevvy of boys and the Box Team on a trip to Thailand. 

lewis flint red nats briefs

Not long after arriving on the tropical island of Koh Samui Lewis became a signed up member to the adult site Only Fans and so videos like the one below started dropping. 


Bubble Butt In White Boxer Shorts

As well as this distinctive and widespread tattoos, Lewis is also known for his bubble butt. 

Bubble Butt Gay in white boxer shorts

Lewis Flint wearing the 6" Leg King Fit Box Menswear boxers. 

Above, wearing the longer of the transparent crotch KingFit mens underwear which also comes in a sexy Mesh Leg version, Flint gives a glimpse of his bubble butt, doing a 360 in what appears to be the shower at his family home. 


Jockstrap Model


Given Lewis has both an impressive butt & bulge, it should come as no surprise he's often been recruited as a jockstrap model. 

gay ass jockstrap

Images above and below, taken in May 2021 by photographer Alex Wightman, show Lewis Flint wearing some sexy suspender jockstraps at a shoot in Birmingham, UK. 

jockstrap model

Specifically, Lewis has taken to wearing our Suspender 2.0 Jockstraps, providing a little extra space for his package and support for his ass. 

red jockstrap

Above, legs open sat on a Chesterfield sofa wearing a red suspender jockstrap 2.0 for which Lewis has become somewhat of a cover model. 

The Video?

For those who came purely for the video, the full 50 second clip is embedded below. 


We're feeling generous, have some more of our boy Lewis from our Thailand BOX Trip in 2019.

Lewis was a hit on the private Box boat trip, wearing Box White Swimming Shorts

Lewis wearing Box white swimming shorts

Feeling Peachy? Our T-shirt collection needs no introduction, and also no pants!

Box Large Logo TShirt

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