Meet ally Harry Garside

harry garside topless

Back to reality, after Garside's Olympic medal win. (pic: DNA)


Hello Harry! Aussie hunk Garside is definitely one to watch and not just because of his rock-hard abs and pecs so hot you could fry an egg on them. He is not just a medal winning Olympian for boxing but also a trained ballet dancer and full on ally of the LGBTQ+ community.


Medal of honour


Not content with being a champion at boxing and a ballet dancer but he also works as a plumber in his normal life. Olympians often have to have ‘usual’ jobs in order to make ends meet unless they are getting whopping great grants from the government. As we all know, plumbing is a lucrative business and we would definitely let him have a go at our pipes any day of the week.


Harry Garside in ballet shoes

Ballet AND boxing? This man has it all! (pic: DNA)


Born in the rather beautifully named Ferntree Gully in Victoria, Harry’s masculinity, super butch appearance and mind-blowing success in the sporting arena bely who he really is. Unlike the likes of Tyson Fury who’s rampant homophobia has brought shame on the sport in the past, it certainly be easy for Garside to follow that path with a macho straight bloke demeanour but he would match rather go down a different road.


Ab-solutely awesome


Harry is more of household name Down Under obvs as many people would recognise him from the Tokyo Olympics where he won the bronze medal for boxing for his home nation of Australia. In a defiant manner, he wore garish colourful nail varnish at the Tokyo Games in order to celebrate ‘his feminine side while also kicking ass’. He has since said that he wanted to challenge gender norms by wearing the nail varnish.


Harry Garside in underwear

Eek, has Harry fallen over? Does he need a hand? (pic: DNA)


He also works closely with the Reach Foundation, which is a youth organisation that apparently ‘inspired him from a young age’. One of Harry’s goal is to tackle toxic masculinity and its impacts on young men. We all know how dangerous old-fashioned male tropes can be with suicide rates in young men at record highs. It’s ESSENTIAL to speak from the heart and Garside knows this, saying: “Young men often don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand why they are wrong.”


Harry went on: “I hope that I’m being a good advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and helping make more straight people start questioning their beliefs. I’ve taken off my mask and slowly attracted the people who love me that way – and I love it too!”


Harry Garside cover of DNA magazine

Harry graces the cover of Aussie queer bible DNA magazine.  

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