John Cena's hot Peacemaker bod

john cena in pants

Bulge-tastic and singing into a vibrator - its Peacemaker!! (Sky/HBO Max)


If you’ve not seen HBO Max’s Peacemaker, maybe these pics will change your mind. Former wrestling champ John Cena cements his acting chops in a frankly awesome series that also just happened to showcase his stocky muscly bod.



 Just take a look at these screen grabs from episode one. Writer/director James Gunn wastes no time in giving us the goods and after a brief set up, Cena’s Peacemaker (real name Chris) goes back to a girl’s house for a quickie and we get some prime flesh into the bargain!


Big brutish bulge


Not only do we get a cheeky naked butt shot but Peacemaker tells us he has a giant member earlier in the episode so our eyes were on his VPL when he does a dance number in his pants. Cena pulls out some sultry moves but all but it’s big bulge we can’t look away from. Has the actor packed for he part? His muscles are huge and veiny and he has sexy moves to match.



john cena in pants

Pulling those moves out the bag, John Cena puts on a show. (Sky/HBO Max)


During the DC Universe’s 8-part show, another reason to watch is that they pretty much confirmed that he is bisexual having alluded to it on numerous occasions. 


Gunn, who is also the writer/director of movie The Suicide Squad in which Peacemaker first appeared on screen, explained that wrestler-turned-actor Cena played the character in the film as sorta “omnisexual,” but hardly any of that ended up in the final cut of the movie:


john cena in pants

Belter's only and look at those veins! (Sky/HBO Max)


Gunn said: “Peacemaker is sort of omnisexual, right? He loves everybody. He wants to have sex with everybody. So that’s where [Cena] went at the end of every scene and it was always disgusting and always hilarious. But none of it’s in the movie because it was just too disgusting for even me. And that’s saying a lot.”


With the tagline ‘Give peace a fucking chance’, the HBO Max hit (which also stars OITNB’s awesome Taystee, Danielle Brooks) features the main character discussing various male clinches but also dealing with some serious Daddy issues (His father calls him the f word on one occasion) but his bisexuality is important due to his innate masculinity and the subverting of toxic masculinity on a hugely popular superhero show. 


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