Micro/Macro – A Brand New Fetish?

giant man in swimming trunks stands in river

Now that's what we call a giant bulge!


Earlier this year we interviewed internet sensation and Onlyfans mogul Reno Gold who had us all drooling over his hot bod and naked pics as well as his bank balance. One of the strangest things he talked about was when he was asked what the most bizarre request he’d ever had was about.


If you subscribe to someone on OnlyFans you can offer to ‘tip’ them privately for doing certain things and if they do, they can name their price. This can, of course, result in some rather creative requests and Reno told us that something called ‘micro/macro’ takes the biscuit on that front.


The bigger the better 


So what does it all mean exactly? First of all, we have to say that this can only be achieved via pics or video, it’s not something that would work in real life. The idea is that the subject of the sexual fantasy is, in fact, a giant. Yes you heard that right. The premise being that the giant makes small movements with their phone cam up their leg or arm or whatever and encourages the watcher to ‘keep climbing’ in order to reach the summits of his ‘giant’ extremity.


massive man in pants in building ssene

Mind the foliage! Huge man shows blatant disregard for traffic 


Whether the watcher is wanking already is a wonder and we certainly wouldn’t recommend masturbating whilst mountaineering. Reno says that it’s a lot to do with encouragement and once the voyeur has scaled the knee he suggests that he could perhaps be able to make it all the way to his ample pecs.


This is roleplay of the highest order and we’re dying to chat to someone who’s into this so we can ascertain what the turn on is all about. Is it the ultimate domination fantasy? Is this giant going to insert you up his cavernous rectum at the end so you can spelunk your way to ectasy?


massive giant twink leans on buildings

Twink on the horizon! Lock your doors! 


It harks back to the B-movie pastiche Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman back in the 90s with Kill Bill’s Daryl Hannah in the starring role as the giant object of these men’s lust. It’s not so far from a few things that have appeared in general pop culture. Even Kylie appeared as a giant woman in the music video for Giving You Up which was of course ironic considering her diminutive stature. She spends the song waltzing about town a good 10 times bigger than your usual human, scooping enamoured men along the way.


Too big to handle


The bottom line is, how far could you actually go with someone that large? We all love a big bulge but if you have to bring an abseiling kit then we’re not sure how the logistics would work exactly. We’re all for people expressing their fantasies and as strange as this one sounds, it’s certainly intriguing and we’re here for anything that gets people to that special place, no matter how giant a leap that might be.  


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