Nick Jonas Taking it Next Level With His New Workout Video

Fancy watching a hot and sweaty workout video of your favourite Jonas brother? Nick Jonas, being the kind, loveable and gorgeous man he is decided that like many others he would post his workout video to help/inspire others for their home workouts.

Nick Jonas Helping Us Workout from Home

This pandemic has really has taken its toll on a lot of us. It’s meant changing things up and finding alternative ways to live, whether it’s working from home, having the groceries delivered or figuring out how to get your exercise done without visiting the gym. Nick Jonas is spreading the love and sharing his upper body and core workout with us and my goodness – he looks sexy AF, take a look.

Now, can we just take a minute to appreciate how delicious that is to watch?! I mean, is it just me who wishes he was lifting me rather than those weights. And, although of course we’d rather he be topless or even completely naked (we might be pushing our luck) but what a gorgeous choice of gym attire – red is definitely your colour Nick, oh and always go for tight fitting please.

Upper body & Core by Nick Jonas from Start to Finish

The video includes 4 different exercises all using some kind of weight from dumbells to medicine balls. Our favourite to watch is the last one but just in case you didn’t watch… here is a snapshot of each workout.

Nick Jonas Pectorials

Nick standing front on to the video camera, his face crunches as throws the weighted plate up and down, brushing across his muscled and hard body

In this exercise Nick takes a few large (& heavy by the look of it) plates and repetitively lifts them from in front of him up to above his head. This one must be a killer for the upper core.

Nick Jonas Upper Body Workout

Nick dripping with sweat as he lifts the hard iron dumbells up to a 90° angle, he looks at the floor but we're looking at his pectorals through that t-shirt

Next up Nick grabs two dumbbells and holds them on each side of him, alternately lifting them 90° so that the dumbbell is on-line with his ears. You will feel the strain in your shoulders for this one.

Nick Jonas Hot & Sweaty

Wearing a tight red muscle fit t-shirt and short shiny black shorts with no sign of any underwear (sadly)

Work on those biceps with exercise 3… Here you can see Nick lifting dumbbells from shoulder height and raises them as high as he can. Do this a few times a week and you’ll soon see your arms expand.

Nick Jonas Bicep Exercise

Clutching onto that medicine ball so tightly, Nick rocks the heavyweight ball from side to side working his biceps until they bulge out of that workout t-shirt 

Oofft. In this exercise we get to see our favourite Jonas brother do the twist! Holding a medicine ball in a tight curled up position, Nick twists from left to right over and over again. We love this one as we get a lovely view of his bulging biceps.

What do we think of Nick Jonas' Workout Video?

So, what do we think of his insta post? Well, we have no complaints from a vain point of view, he looks hot. Just a suggestion – topless next time please Nick. Sharing his home workout with the world during the pandemic is a selfless act and we’re very appreciative of it. We do hope that he will post another version for people who don’t have a full set of weights at home. If it’s not too much trouble, we’d also love to see what leg day looks like for Nick. So, show us that peach and lunge it out, or just do squat…
Anyway, we now know how Nick Jonas spends his time in lockdown, absolutely bossing it in his home gym. Wonder what his wife Priyanka does whilst her buff husband is working on his hot bod. Living with Nick Jonas must be a dream and one thing’s for sure, we still get jealous.
Watching this man sweat is something we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and can only hope for more in the future. Those bulging biceps and perfectly carved pecks are a delight to look at so keep them vids coming Nick.

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