O-M-eGGINGS! - The Rise Of The New VPL

Box model running in field

You don't even need a top when you have a pair of meggings on!


Ask your sister, your mum or your girlfriends, a VPL is not something that they want. From bandage dresses to slinky ball gowns, the last thing a woman envisages on a night out is a visible panty line. Put it this way, you don’t want a VPL with your LBD. Well that’s all about to change as us guys are reclaiming the acronym and turning it into something that you DO want, a Visible Penis Line.


Did someone say penis? 


While of course we couldn’t condone getting your bulging bits out in public (although there are those among us that might get a kick out of that), having a decent VPL can certainly be an eye catcher. The trick is for it to look accidental and that’s all down to how you go about it without being somewhat obscene. 'How is this achieved?', I hear you cry. Well with decent underwear of course, and more specifically, meggings.


Topless model in Box meggings

It's all about that bulge  


No that’s not a typo, move over jeggings, sayonara salopettes - say bonjour and HELLO to men’s leggings, or meggings as they will forever now be known. Whether you’re gymming, winning or just plain grinning, meggings suit every situation. Dubbed as loungewear or just comfies for round the house, these things are so much more. Us guys are taking back leggings AND VPLs and there ain’t nothing those bleeding heart liberal feminists can do about it! Ok that’s a trifle over the top but these are dark times, I think we can all agree.  


Going for Gold


In a recent chat with OnlyFans uber-earner Reno Gold, he was extolling the virtues of a VPL and telling us just how important a good pair of meggings are. ‘I love jockstraps and I also love those gym leggings, the see-through-not-see-though-but-super-stretchy ones you get from Box as you get a good VPL.’


These are abs-olute must haves for this winter


The content creator who was raking in a whopping $100k a week at the peak of the lockdown continued, ‘Visible Penis Line is probably the most important part about underwear and that it holds and supports your package good, hugs your balls and shows off your ass!’ Spoken like a true pro and who can argue with that, pure Gold.


Gym leggings are obviously nothing new and it’s becoming more and more fashionable to wear a pair of running tights underneath your shorts in the gym. With meggings however, you can dispense with the shorts altogether as they are made to be worn on the outside of your clothes. It is of course up to you if you choose to wear underwear, you don’t want to be having a cabinet reshuffle in your gusset between each rep on the leg abductor.


Model in grey Box meggings topless with hairy chest 

The chest rug means he doesn't even need a t-shirt


Is big best?


When it comes to your VPL, it all depends how much of an exhibitionist you are.  We all know that well-endowed guys just love everyone else to know about it. Gay or straight, dudes with big dicks are always talking about them, getting them out or showing you pics on their phones. Let’s be honest though, with a few of these guys it’s pretty much the best thing about them. Sometimes it’s a shame with a huge cock that there’s a massive twat attached to it!


We jest, of course, a large member leads to a nice prominent VPL if you’re rocking your meggings commando style whilst in the comfort of your own home. You might raise a few eyebrows (and possible a few other things), however, if you’re sporting your meggings with no undies and your giant VPL is on full display as you wheel your trolley down the specialty meats and cheeses aisle in your local Aldi.


Model in shade reclining on bannister in Box meggings

Taking in the view at Center Parcs 


In this case you might want to make sure your meat is tamed and isn’t going to be scaring little kids and octogenarian grandmas with weak hearts, so perhaps some undies wouldn’t go amiss. As Reno said earlier, it’s all about the support and seeing as most dicks are roughly the same size flaccid, only changing drastically when that special time of the day arises, a good VPL in some meggings is that perfect look for the winter months. Hey, when it’s cold outside a cosy pair of meggings will keep your little guy snug as a bug in a rug all day long.


Cosy is the key


You can’t really go wrong with some megs on your legs and we guarantee the man in your life will thank you later when they get a pair of these bad boys under the tree this festive season. You don’t want to look like you’ve walked straight of 2019 when you next go to the gym or down the shops without your VPL proudly on show, trust us, it’s not pretty. Trackie bums are a thing of the past as meggings do for them what tight jeans did to the bootleg cut. Behold the time of the megging is upon us! You’ll thank us later babes, believe.

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