Liam Payne Discusses Weight Gain

Singer admits gaining weight after becoming 'reliant' on alcohol. 

Liam Payne body Hugo Boss

Weight Gain 

One direction Liam Payne has talked further about putting on the pounds, and how he helps quitting the booze will help him lost weight. 

Liam Payne abs

Image from Liam's IG profile showing his impressive abs while laughing. 

Whilst Liam discussed in deep detail his own struggles with lockdown and his mental health he focused in his thoughts about losing weight and getting back to his 2019 best. 

'I put on so much weight'

Speaking with business man and social media star Steven Barlett Liam admitted: 

'I put on so much weight, I was eating badly and describing it as a bulking period — "I’m doing it for a movie role! It’s all good!" That’s the best excuse if anyone asks if you’ve put on weight. Say it’s for a role, coming out 2022.

'I put a lot of weight on. What got me, I did one performance on TV with the BAFTAs and I was disappointed with myself. I didn’t look how I wanted to look.

Liam Payne weight gain baftas
Liam payne weight long hair

Image above shows a visibly bigger Liam wearing a baggy grey suit on a backlit stage performing at the BAFTAs in 2021. It's also clear Liam allowed his hair to grow longer which he's now cut short again and dyed beach blond. Copyright BBC / Canal+


2018 / 2019 Liam Payne Body


It's clear Liam looks back to his physique as it was in 2019 with a rock hard 6 pack or even 8 pack for motivation in his recent body struggles. 

Liam Payne tight white t shirt

Image above shows the Midlands native on stage in 2018 Australia. Sporting bulging biceps and thicc (sp?) forearms it's clear Liam's diet and exercise, along with his general lifestyle was much healthier than it is now.
Image taken on October 13th 2018 performing in the Theatre Of The Horse after Everest Day at Sydney Racing at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images). 


Hugo Boss & Liam Payne

It's perhaps easiest when referring to Liam's overall body to look back at his campaign with Hugo Boss. 

Liam Payne underwear boxer shorts

What a bulge! In late 2019 images were released by Hugo Boss for their Body wear campaign showing Liam Payne's totally ripped half nude body with a massive bulge. Wearing white boxer shorts Liam looked every part the fitness model with his veins on show. This and 2 further images below courtesy of Hugo Boss show the British pop star and father of 1 flexing his own muscles as well as being flanked by a naked Stella Maxwell. 

Liam Payne Nude

One Direction Liam underwear

Final image in colour shows white mens underwear. 

2020 Body 

Liam payne yellow / gold shirt

After only a short period of the first lockdown in London, England. Taken on August 27th 2020 Liam Payne and now ex Maya Henry are seen leaving Russian restaurant Novikov (Photo by Dan/Will/MEGA/GC Images) Liam wearing a gold / copper open shirt with a pendant and tight black trousers. 

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