Reno Gold is back again and making bigger news.

The OnlyFans Mogul that we had the pleasure of talking to in an interview is back and making waves again. This time, with a feature in Forbes magazine following him making his first million from OnlyFans. 

It is clear to see growth in Reno as he continues to get bigger. While talking to Forbes, Reno discussed his plans for the future. More specifically with how he wants to help give back to the LGBTQ community. Reno stated he aims to 'educate' and 'change perceptions' for the sex worker industry as well. Donating $27,000 to the Elton John AIDS foundation. 

Reno seems excited for the future with plans of launching merchandise labels and expanding his property empire. In honour of this we have pulled together a little something you will just love.

 Above: Reno can be seen looking sexy with a touch of adorableness, as he celebrates his 25th birthday in nothing but some blue briefs and the most realistic looking laptop cake I have ever seen. 
 Below: We just wanted to show off how damn fine he looks here... not to mention those white briefs fitting ever so perfectly. 


By now I am sure you are going to be clambering over the web trying to find his only fans. Well not to worry everything can be found right here:  

Max Johsnon

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