Riverdale's KJ Apa new 'face' of Lacoste undies

KJ Apa lacoste undies abs

Bulges are the order of the day with KJ Apa


Fans of TV show Riverdale will be more than acquainted with the really rather fine KJ Apa who was born by the full name (and mouthful) of Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa back in June 1997 in New Zealand so it’s obvious why he shortened it right down.


No need to Apa-logise


KJ’s a triple threat, identifying as an actor, singer, and musician. I mean who isn’t these days, right? He got his start on New Zealand’s soap opera Shortland Street (think Neighbours with Kiwi accents and some hot guys with their tops off).



KJ Apa in lacoste pants

KJ know how to pack out a pair of pants  


Things really kicked off for KJ when he was cast as Archia Andrews (yes from the Archie comics in the CW series Riverdale. With his hot ginger hair and smouldering looks, he’s clearly hit the spot with viewers and is currently at a whopping 20million followers in Instagram.



He hasn’t stopped there and despite the pandemic has managed to star in Netflix’s The Last Summer and the movies The Hate U Give, I Still Believe and A Dogs Purpose.  


Abs for days 


Clearly he’s been quite busy however on the modelling front as he has been announced as the new face of Lacoste underwear and far be it for us to discuss another brand but those abs are a deadly weapon and need to be discussed.


KJ apa topless hot muscles

Oof now we're talking with a bit of beard and natch hair


On the relationship front, Apa has been in a relationship with French model Clara Berry since 202 and they even have a son who was born in September 2021.


Apa is also clearly an ally as despite the fact he was raised in a Christian family and has stated that he is a Christian, in April 2018, he publicly criticised Australian rugby player Israel Folau for claiming that it was ‘God's plan to send gay people to hell’, describing Folau's comments as "disappointing".


He went on to say on an Instagram story: "Our role as Christians is to LOVE not Judge. What gives you the right to condemn? Are you perfect? Sit down."

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