Sam Thompson Is Making Us Want to Watch MIC

Sam Thompson takes a mirror selfie topless with buff bod

Sam showing his fans just why it's worth tuning into MIC


Think what you will of reality TV, it’s a permanent fixture of our screen-addicted lives. Since Big Brother first burst onto our screens back in 2000, the reality floodgates were opened and the ensuing avalanche of shows have filled every channel from highbrow to eyebrow. The multitude of shows since then all have one thing in common, however, introducing an unsuspecting nation to fit members of the public who then go on to social media notoriety and a raft of incestuous cash-ins.


Reality bites


In 2010 a brand-new show popped up on ITV called The Only Way Is Essex. Following the trials and tribulations of the county’s glitterati (or shitterati depending how you look at it), it was an instant hit with the youth of the UK. Coveting the success of TOWIE, Channel 4 needed something to rival it and so in 2011 Made In Chelsea was born. Styled as the posh antidote to TOWIE, it was also a huge success. Both formats were variations on the ‘augmented reality’ format but MIC tried to give it an air of class, using London as a glamourous background to the goings on with the rich kids of Kensington and Chelsea.


Sam Thompson in boxing gloves and tracksuit bottoms with torso out 

Sam clearly just caught a glimpse of his reflection and fainted


Sam Thompson joined the show in 2013 as MIC favourite Louise Thompson’s brother. Most reality show’s try to get any family members involved, especially if they’re easy on the eye. We’ve literally watched as Sam grew up on screen going from cheeky little brother to one of the shows biggest stars. With over a million followers now on Instagram, Thompson has buffed up in the last year documenting his journey to body confidence along the way.  


Thompson checks in 


Sam has been a stalwart on the reality and party circuit. One of the things we love about Thompson is how he never takes himself too seriously. While his sister Louise posts various glam pics on Instagram, Sam takes similar snaps in the same clothes, lampooning her pouting and model stances. He clearly knows that the whole racket is a bit of fun and is willing to play along with it in a way most reality show stars do not.


Sam Thompson in backwards cap and buff torso

Sam's all smiles displaying his hard gym regime


The new nineteenth series of Made In Chelsea launched this week and Sam’s already hitting the headlines after a very public break up with co-star Zara McDermott. Break-ups are the bread and butter of a reality show so no doubt we’ll get all the inside info. Sam’s appeal is not only in his ability to not take the whole reality thing seriously but also that he doesn’t mind showing his vulnerabilities. With his new buff bod, killer abs and bulging biceps to be proud of, we can’t imagine he’ll be single for long!



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