Sexiest GAA Players: Boidu Sayeh

Sexiest GAA Players: Boidu Sayeh

Yes Yes folks, it is precisely that time again. Hello and welcome back to Box's Sexiest GAA Players. We hope you are enjoying this series as much as we enjoy composing each feature for you.

 This weeks player is none other than the powerful Boidu Sayeh. Having moved here from a war torn Liberia at the age of 6 to live with his uncle and aunt, to making it to the top of the westmeath GAA. Truly an inspiration, and a gorgeous hulking figure. Yes pls. 


Above: Sayeh posing in the white kit in a field, while grinning ever so cheekily. Stop it you. 

Above: In his element, an unstoppable force that cannot be caught. No surprise when he's got those absolute canons for legs propelling him forward. Flawless n gorgeous. 

Above: Keiran Martin and Boidu Sayeh getting up close and personal. Wonder what caught Sayehs eyes...

Above: we may be wondering what caught Sayeh's eyes in the picture above. 

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