Sexiest GAA Players - Patrick McBride



Hello and welcome to this weeks edition The Sexiest Players within the GAA. Give a warm BOX welcome to Patrick Mcbride. 

This absolutely GORGEOUS 26 year old plays for St Johns and boy does he put on a performance. I can only imagine seeing the glory in person. 


Above: Todays pretty boy can be seen pictured in his iconic yellow sports shirt, paired with those perfectly fitted white sports shorts with yellow accents. I must say this may be my favourite GAA kit so far. As for a favourite player, making a choice would be an unimaginable task. They are all just way too fine. 

Above: Here he is in the field. In his element. Fierce in the face of battle during this game. He really is an unstoppable force of power and grace, while also glowing like a musclebound angel with thighs that can break mountains. 

If you haven't already fallen head over heels with this bad boy then you better take a seat. 



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