Sexy Facts About Mens Gymnastics Uniforms

As far as Gymnastics goes – yes, it is quite a unique hobbie to be into or even just to follow. But there are many reasons to make gymnastics your new fave watch. Gymnasts are physical artists in their own right, just watching them get into the craziest positions and perform stunts that would be near impossible for most of us is truly fascinating.

However, if this isn’t enough to grab your attention, these guys look hot as hell in their gymnast gear and we’re about to tell you why… Please note these facts are from the perspective of the USA.

The Gymnasts Get Involved in the Design Process


Firstly, something we love is how involved these sexy ass men get in the design process. Their thoughts and opinions are a huge influence upon the final result in most cases. Of course, the director of the program will have the final say but in general these super hunks have opinions that they like to be recognised.

Competition Shirts


Men’s gymnast uniforms may look leotard-like but they are in fact called competition shirts. Because after all, we mustn’t forget how manly and hunky these handsome chaps are and the name pf their attire needs to math up.


Sexy AND Low Cost


Despite how good they look and the mens competition shirts are 10 times cheaper to make than womens leotards and this is purely down the crystals that go on womens leotards. Having said this, I personally wouldn’t see an issue in cutting costs further and having the men perform nude, anyone else?!


Keeping it Serious - No Sparkles


Typically, male gymnasts won’t wear anything sparkley or metallic. You can see why… check this guy out – somehow, I don’t think sparkles and glitter would do his serious skills justice. Him, just like many others want to appear extremely masculine as this is a sport they take seriously and want others to do the same.


Exposing Glutes, Pecs, Crotch & Much More


Okay I don’t know why I have not mentioned this one earlier… because it’s my favourite! The exposure of the crotch area, pectorals, glutes, thighs, shoulder, back – oh I could really go on all day. But yeah, you get the message. There is a hell of a lot on show here and I am personally am here for it!

Hold on – pause the list. It’s just dawned on me that it’s someone’s job to design these beautifully made one pieces, shorts, tank tops and more. There are people who have the job of getting extremely close and personal with these gorgeous guys to ensure the fitting is just spot on, as there is no margin for error here. Too tight? Wedgey central. Too loose? Could affect the performance and isn’t visually pleasing (in other words, we can’t see enough). Thus, making it essential that everyone from the designer right through to the seamstress for these boys need to have their concentration face on at all times, even if they are eye level with some delicious dick.



One word. Manscaping. Although it’s not a written rule that male gymnasts must be clean shaven it’s just in their culture. The precision of their acrobatics looks better when the guy performing them isn’t a hairy beast! So subsequently, being hairless is just the norm for these extremely talented gorgeous men.


Are They Going Commando?


There are some male gymnasts that will be commando under their competition shirts. Women get their underwear special made with the leotard but for male gymnasts it is up to them to decide how they want their package wrapped, or not wrapped. Whilst some will wear a pair of compression shorts or super tight briefs, some will go bollocko. I know which one I prefer the thought of.


Taking it Topless 


It’s always an option for male gymnasts to perform topless and just go with the competition shorts which would be a bonus for us all and probably a good marketing moves for the individual. However, these guys are competing for their country, so more often than not they will wear the competition shirt so that they can represent their country in the most obvious way.


Seconds for the Seamstress


Two fittings for these sexy men. Again, I’m considering a career change – the seamstress will do an initial fitting on these boys (usually after a competition or after a heavy gym session) and then a final fitting a few days prior to the Olympics. So I’m sure you’ll agree - some lucky guy or girl has landed on their feet with this responsibility!

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