Shiny Coats... Are a 'thing' now.

You may have been walking down your local high street lately and noticed a trend with the lads that is becoming increasingly popular, shiny coats.  

During Milan's Autumn/Winter 2018 Men’s Fashion Week there was a key trend that packed the runway and judging from the street style crowd the shiny coat trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, yes even in the summer. 

Major fashion houses such as Christopher Kane, Balmain and Calvin Klein all sent models down their Spring Summer 2018 runway last year in numerous rubber and PVC pieces, so it’s safe to say the shiny gear arrived and is here to stay. 

We had a little root through the Pinterest archives to dig out some handsome looking guys, wearing none other, you guessed it, shiny coats.

Do you agree they look hot in shine? Would you like to see a BOX shiny coat in the future? We can definitely picture packing this for our winter city break wardrobe essential.  

 Heres our 4 top cute guys in shiny bubble coat pics from Pinterest:

So when you think of classic wet-look shiny coats one brand certainly pops into your mind - Moncler. Moncler is an Italian apparel and lifestyle company founded in 1952 by René Ramillon most known for its down jackets and sportswear. Moncler took its name from the abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, an Alpine town near GrenobleFrance. Since then it has become extremely popular among celebrities, sports stars and style influencers for their shimmering glossy finishes.  Above we can see this serious faced messy haired hunk working the red shine.


This hottie working this super shiny black coat teamed with an unshaven face and ripped denim jeans. Good combo, this how you rock the classic black Moncler. The cool thing about a Moncler is that doesn't look out of place in an indoor setting, you can literally shine inside the club in this and not receive any questionable glances for doing so. 


Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore looking into the distance wearing his own brand 11 Degrees. A much sportier and athletic fitting variation of the style is perfect for both style and sports. At a more affordable price point of £80 this jacket is an all year round essential. Thoughts?


We can't stop staring at this handsome chap, teaming his shiny coat with ripped jeans, white trainers and a hoody underneath, for a well layered yet effortless street style look. Which we think really works. The street setting of this fit pic really highlights the versatility of the style as you don't need to be on an artic expedition to rock one of these. 


Would you like to see a BOX Menswear outer range? Comment your thoughts below. 





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