So You Want To Be A Male Underwear Model?

Ok, so you're looking down at that body of yours with some new boxers on in the bathroom, and you're thinking: "I really want to be an underwear model...".

We get so many messages at Box Menswear asking asking how they can be a model for us, and with that, let's expand a little more into the world of male models and what you can do to give yourself the best chance in the industry. 

Guy showing bulge in pink briefs 

Before you read on, here's a couple of very quick myths dispelled. 

  1. You do NOT need a 6 pack

    Whilst a chiseled physique won't hold you back it is not a prerequisite to being a commercial underwear model. It's not the 90's anymore where muscles ruled the world, so if you're body doesn't match up the cover of Men's Health, don't worry. 

  2. You do NOT need a big penis / dick / willy / cock etc

    Much the same as those abs, having a large bulge won't harm you, in fact, it will very likely help you, at least to get noticed, however, it's not the be all and end all, far from it. "Padding" is very much norm for guy models just the same way as girls will pad their bras, boys can and do enhance their bulge. 

  3. You do NOT need to be young

    Again, this is no longer the 80's, 90's or the 00's, and modelling has opened up in a big way. Look at David Beckham in his mid 40's and stripping down. Right, he's a world class sportsman, however, he sells underwear just as good as an 18 year old, if not better. 


With 1, 2 and 3 above being dispelled, you could be thinking "I couldbecome a male underwear model!". No kidding, it's one of the most 'hands-on' and rewarding jobs jobs in the world.

There are no real exclusions, however, some qualities will help you along the way and some can make it more difficult or narrow your opportunities. You may not be able to learn physical attributes, however, you can 
develop them, so keep reading. 


Being a model involves a lot of poise and confidence on your part.

The above entails being comfortable in your own skin and the briefs, or boxers you put on for the camera. It's a job that requires time spent on honing your skills, and while good looks go a long way, it's often not enough. In fact, most people think male underwear models only need chiseled abs, thighs and every bit of the masculine build.


Those are pluses but you should also be able to work with a team consisting mainly of photographers, and other specialists usually provided by a modeling agency. Yes, a modelling agency, one you'd ultimately have to be a part of if your career would take a serious turn for the better. Again, finding the right agency could be tricky but you need the best to get by and get those fulfilling jobs. There's a lot of things you can learn to help you build your portfolio on your way to being the best male underwear model, as you'd get to see with this article.

socks and briefs Lewis Flint 

What You Can Do

Be Sure It's What You Want And Be Comfortable With It.

A lot of times, men feel pressured to go into certain professions and male underwear modeling is one of them. You can't put on a jockstrap, wear your briefs, and declare you're ready to go without giving it some thought. That's because male models show more than a fair amount of skin and are required to don underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. Further, you should embrace your fears and know that being nervous is part of the process, but it shouldn't be a habit if you expect to last as long in the modeling industry. As French male model for Chanel and Fendi, Baptiste Giabiconi opined, "I don't have any problem posing naked. For me, it only works." Not that you'd have to pose naked, but you get the point Baptiste is trying to make.


Workouts Are Important, but they're not everything

While you're not trying to be a world heavyweight champion or angling for a spot as the best bodybuilder, you do have to keep fit and toned. However, there's a thin line between having a unique physical presence and being a body builder.  In fact, most agencies overlook men who have a body that appears too ripped off. For example, a person who has every inch off their body bulging with muscles takes the attention off the Box Menswear they have on. It becomes an advert for 'how you can become muscular instead of how comfortable and cool you can be in your Box Menswear underwear.

You can run and do some cardiovascular exercises to get exceptional physical qualities without going overboard with too many muscles. Also, you need that wholesome smile that can only come from enjoying what you do and living up to it. Creat that workout routine and stick to it! This helps you get toned and defined features that could easily fit with underwear.

Always Try To Eat Right

All the workouts in the gym and otherwise, can help you get and maintain that physique you need, but to get there faster, you have to eat right and have good dietary habits. That means knowing what carbs are good for you, the nutrients you need and what to avoid. If you like a bugger every day, chances are you're looking to become a slouch of a model and not someone who can comfortably appear in his briefs or boxers for a brand like Box Menswear. Generally, foods low in saturated fats are okay while foods rich in protein are a must. Again, you won't get far without enough water to help you glow. Water is important, largely because a lot of your skin is revealed when you model. You'll have a rich, well-moisturized skin with an adequate supply of water into your system to give off that fresh and appealing look. If you can't handle it all on your own, you should consider hiring a personal trainer and nutritionist.


According to Oliver Cheshire, who has done jobs for Calvin Klein and Mark's & Spencer, "modeling is a life choice, and one that takes plenty of discipline: days in the gym, eating properly, avoiding the booze before a shoot and what not. It isn't just turning up and taking a nice photo."

Hone Your Posing Skills

Posing is a very important part of being a male underwear model and you simply cannot get as far or even into the industry without the ability to strike great poses. Yes, you'll probably have a team provided by a modeling agency, but you should practice poses to be more in line with what's required from an underwear model. That's where confidence comes in because your pose helps others see why they should take on the briefs. Further, when you hone your posing skills, you get to know and understand positions that are perfect for you and show off your best features.

Patrick le blanc massive bulge


Create An Amazing Portfolio

Through with the poses? Great! Take one step further and create a portfolio that's hard to turn down. In the modeling industry, it's like a resume you present to agencies you're looking to join. It spells out all your characteristics, with emphasis on your strong points. Also, the images should be spot on, clear and well-lighted, so it doesn't appear to be hiding something. Vital information about yourself such as your full name, height, weight, underwear size and other personal features, are also important. Make copies of your portfolio and send them via emails or try to schedule a meeting with a representative of a good agency. You could even go one better and be a bit like Travis Fimmel, and show up unannounced, broke and barefoot! He's reputed to be the first underwear model to earn a six-figure pay working go Calvin Klein before going on to star as an actor. Again, Michael Baker of Agency Storm explained a situation where someone was hired on the spot. "We had one boy who walked into our office one day and, although he was only 16 and had a lot of development to go through, we signed him on the spot. But that doesn't happen often." While that approach may be difficult in present times, you should explore all avenues to make your modeling dream a reality.

If you're struggling, get on Youtube and watch some videos of guys posing in underwear. Not everything other boys do will work for you, but it'll give you some insight. 




How Agencies Work

A modeling agency is concerned with networking and building up a great list of companies that need models to put their products out there. Put simply, they are professional agencies that link you up to brands that have products to put on display in order to generate awareness leading to sales. For example, an underwear model is put forward by an agency to model a jockstrap or boxers. But, such a model will have to be the right fit for the job. Once your qualities are short of what's expected from underwear models, you'll have a hard time attracting agencies, let alone jobs from established names like Box Menswear.

Agencies are not free and would demand a certain fee (commission), from you from each job you take. Finding the right agency presents a problem because money could be a sticking point. Also, some of them simply charge way too much. What you can do is try to read up and understand any contract before you put down your signature. Again, avoid being pressed into making a hasty decision you might come to regret, or that might lead you into debt. One way to ensure you don't get sucked-in to the bad side of modeling agencies is to ask relevant questions to clear up situations, paperwork, and ensure the agency is completely in your corner and actively seeking out jobs for you.

Apart from the obvious fact that you can apply to various agencies, you can also be scouted out by an agency. In fact, some of the best models didn't start off on that career path. David Beckham for one was a footballer before posing for shots for the Armani underwear brand or going one step further with the H&M brand.


The Pay Involved

Like all careers, there's always a starting point and it often involves less financial rewards and incentives. But those are early beginnings. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed not to imagine how rich male underwear models are when you see them on adds and images. Your reasoning will be in the line of millions or more. However, the truth is, male underwear models have to make do with thousands of pounds at best. Others make considerably more, but that's after kicking things off on the right part and having their agencies link them up to great jobs. What underwear modeling can do though, is launch you to more financially beneficial career paths like acting and other opportunities. For example, David Gandy, famous for his Dolce & Gabbana ads, quipped that: “I have my own clothing range, I have four charities, I powerboat race, I race cars. I have my racing license. I write for Vogue and GQ. I review cars for Vanity Fair. I don’t really model that much anymore because I have all these other things. But the fashion industry has given me all the avenues to be able to do everything that I’ve really, really wanted to do.”

Another advantage is that male models tend to last longer in the industry. You can be part of that, modeling jockstraps and briefs, knowing fully well it could lead you to greater success.


Famous Male Underwear Models

A lot of men have done more than their fair share of posing in briefs and boxers. This has either made them famous or more famous. There's simply no getting enough of them, and they make for perfect role models in the modeling industry. Also, they don't just strike a winning pose, they live through every moment, showcasing mind and brand. Brad Kroenig, a veteran Chanel model, couldn't have put it any better when he said: “A lot of people tend to think that male models are uneducated and that they thrive off their looks alone, but most of the successful male models I have worked with over the years are very smart and well-rounded.”

Here are some names and personalities you can't miss.


Tyson Beckford

As one of the most recognized and successful male models, Tyson Beckford has broken many grounds and is listed among the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Of course, he's also popular for modeling underwear by Ralph Lauren and has also starred on music videos and other shows.

David Gandy

He was once named in the top 3 of the most successful models by Forbes in 2009 and it's not difficult to see why. His style is unique and distinctly popular. Also, he's one proof that you can be unconventional and still make it. This is evident in the sheer amount of interests he has besides modeling.

Jamie Dornan

You've probably seen him in briefs and other underwear campaigns for Calvin Klein and we've written about him before here. But he's since transformed into a talented actor and is known for his role in the movie, 50 shades of Grey. This he achieved, with a body and attitude to match.

Some other famous male underwear models include Freddie Ljungberg for Calvin Klein and Christiano Ronaldo for Emporio Armani.


Tips To Help You In The Modelling Industry

Build a strong resistance and attitude to failure and lost opportunities. Be eager to bounce back, and accept every job that comes your way so long as you feel comfortable doing it. 

Soak it all in. Advice from fellow and accomplished professionals, editors and photographers are just as important. Always read, get yourself on message boards and Facebook groups. 

Be content working your way up.

Be people-friendly and communicate effectively, building quality personal and professional relationships along the way.


There you go. This information will go a long way in helping you become a male underwear model. Also, you can find the best products, including boxers and jockstraps, at Box Menswear.

Now make like Sam below and pose! 

boy legs open boxer shorts bulge


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