Tom Daley starts DIY knitwear brand

tom daley in knitwear

Tom loves knitting Daley (all pics @MadewithlovebyTomDaley on Instagram) 


Despite having been quite the snack for the longest time and showing off his tight diver’s bod in skimpy trunks for all to see for years now, we fell in love with Tom Daley a little more this year when the Brit not only smashed his first gold in synchronised diving at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics but he melted our hearts too with his knitting antics when supporting his pals whilst sat on the side-lines.


Daley designs 


During the Olympics, Daley showed off his knitting prowess with themed cardigans displaying the Team GB insignia and we could always seeing him watching his team mates with his feet up and his needles and yarn in hand.


tom daley in woolly jumper

Peek-a-stomach - Tom knows how to get the punters in


Now, to the surprise of pretty much no-one, Daley has decided to turn his hobby into a full blown money making business with Made With Love by Tom Daley, a brand new selection of knitting kits to encourage people to get into making their own clothes with biodegradable wool. Good for the environment AND getting your creative on!


Tom's teachings  


As well has his normal Instagram, during lockdown he created a page dedicated to the new venture. On announcing the projectthis week, he wrote: "It’s been a journey for me that started when I first picked up my knitting needles in March 2020. Fast forward 18 months and I’m so proud to introduce these kits to you all so that you can experience the joy I found learning to knit."

tom daley in woolly jumper with needles

How Tom's managed to make knitting sexy is beyond us! 


His enthusiasm for knitting knows no bounds and is clearly genuinely loving the whole thing, saying: "I designed these knit kits to help encourage you to pick up those needles, learn the basics, and fall in love with knitting at the same time – all whilst creating something to show off or pass on." 


Kneedles at dawn


The knit kits (surely one of them is for a cat, if not we demand one!) are divided into beginner, easy, intermediate and advance.  They are for people who are curious or love knitting/crocheting and want to learn more. Tom’s poured love (and some capitol we don’t doubt) into the designs and leads the way on an adventure you might even be able to share with your gran! 


tom daley in woolly jumper

Rainbow all the way with Tom's new collection


Included in the first collection is a vest, scarves, cardigans, jumpers, a blanket and a woolly hat kit that’s already sold out. The kit come with knitting needles, biodegradable yarn made of Merino wool and the patterns as well. Hey if it’s good enough for Tom and his family, it’s good enough for us!


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