Who is Britney's FIT Boyfriend?

sam ashgari in shorts

Sam Ashgari is one impressive looking fellow 


This has been quite the year for Ms Britney Spears. Not only was the world shaken to their core by the documentary Framing Britney Spears which shone a spotlight on not only he conservatorship that she’s been living under for the past 13 years but it painted the likes of Justin Timberlake and Katie Couric in a very unflattering light.


britney spears and sam ashgari on boat

Now why on earth would Britney here want to have a baby with Sam?!


First of all it showed a distressing interview with Britney and Couric whereby the latter badgered her unfairly until she cried. As for Timberlake, his and Spears’ relationship was one of the hottest topics back in the early 2000s but it was their break-up that was highlighted in the documentary. Justin has since apologised as where she was labelled a cheat, he said nothing and benefitted from the situation, piggybacking from it all the way to superstardom.


A busy year for Britney 


It is the last few years that concern us though. As the documentary Framing Britney Spears followed her troubles from the beginning of the conservatorship 13 years ago all the way to the present day. Since then things have moved pretty quickly for Spears with her father eventually stepping down more recently.


sam ashgari in shorts

Not sure if we're looking at giant dumbells or the giant bulge in Sam's shorts  


When Spears did get a chance to talk about it, the audio was troubling but cathartic. She spoke about how she was being forced to work and more chillingly how she was having to use contraception against her will. Was she saying that she wanted to have another baby?


Britney's rock 


Throughout all of these traumatic moments in the past few years there has been one constant. Her boyfriend Sam Ashgari. Last week she posted a cute pic of the two of them and thanking him for supporting her (and that he was a great cook!). One thing we COULDN’T miss however was his giant pecs and thighs you could build a house with.


sam ashgari muscles blue top

We don't doubt for one minute that those guns are hare to buy t-shirts for...  


So what does he do? Apart from having 2 million followers himself, he’s a personal trainer and an actor. Frankly when you are the one credited with having Britney Spears’ back during times of trouble, it should open up a shed load of Hollywood doors and with a body like that, well, there’s potential by the bucket loads.


Is Sam Ashgari the one?


Britney said in her message that she’d like him to be in the Fast and Furious franchise and why the hell not? He’s clearly good for her and doesn’t dine out trying to use her name etc (there’s literally only a few pics of her on his insta). We’re here for Sam that’s for sure, he’s got a bulge that makes us totally unsurprised she wants to have his babies.


sam ashgari topless grey shorts

Yes we would look at those rock hard abs too (if we had them) 


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