Zac Efron Breaks the Internet and Saves the World

Zac efron topless hairy chest beard

Oh go on then, we guess the beard works


We are big fans of Zac Efron here at Box Menswear, nominating him to perform in our fantasy lap dancing club (lucky him!). Now we all remember where we were when our minds were blown by the sight of full on hairy man-Zac. Twitter pretty much exploded and every gay that didn’t fancy him before, suddenly took notice him. Sure, he’s been hot before but whereas he’s been a twink, a jock, a muscle man... this is Zac au naturel.


The reason for this sexy bear look? Zac is going back to nature for his new TV show on Netflix where he goes around the world visiting incredible places researching unique ways of looking at health, conservation and spirituality. We feel better just watching it, and we have Zac to thank for that.


Calling Zac, the earth needs you


The show makes the most of Zac’s cheeky personality and there’s a lot of to-ing and bro-ing with his co-star, the author and fellow DILF Darin Olien. It must be difficult to find amazing places that haven’t already had the documentary treatment but they manage to bring us some truly eye opening themes and ideas. It helps that Zac is so easy on the eye and he seems genuinely surprised and impressed by what he sees and experiences.


 Zac Efron topless on beach

Life's a beach for a younger Zac


A highlight is how he’s somewhat freaked out when travelling on the Channel tunnel. It's endearing to see the look on his face as they disappear under the waves. Darin, on the other hand, is like one of those guys you meet travelling who’s been vegan for years and has been absolutely everywhere, knows everything and everyone. It can all be a bit intense but avoids being preachy with some fascinating facts and places. Stop trying to teach us stuff, we’re trying to perv on Zac!


This new Zac got us reminiscing to when it all began, from fresh faced 'high schooler' to the bronzed god he’s become.


Like every good musical, let’s start at the very beginning with Mr Efron. It’s pretty amazing to think that Zac is only 32 and he’s achieved quite so much and managed to look damn fine each and every time. He hit the big time in 2006 after some bit parts in various American TV shows.


Playing the part of Troy Bolton in High School Musical, he sang and danced his way to becoming a household name and the epitome of the wholesome pin up. Sure, he was cute but at twenty he was very twinky and at the beginning of his journey into hotness. He was clearly picked so he could play a high school kid when he was twenty which is no new thing in TV and movies.


Zac Efron topless at award ceremony

Zac Efron wins best topless actor at MTV awards


All grown up


Jump to 2012 and Zac’s definitely losing that young look and he’s clearly discover the gym. He hit international success with The Lucky One which he starred in with Taylor Schilling. Yes, THAT Taylor Schilling who later went to women’s prison in the seminal Orange Is The New Black. Zac played a young marine in the romantic drama that made $100million at the box office. Zac was finally starting to shake off his goody goody image and becoming a man in his own right.


The next stage of Zac’s metamorphosis into hot daddy came in 2014 with the release of the comedy Neighbors. Not the movie version of the trials and tribulations in Erinsbrough but the box office smash starring Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne. Now he’s a full-blown jock, literally as he plays the troublesome frat boy that makes Rogan and Byrne’s life a misery. With his fit bod and bulging shorts he had at last shed the Disney kid moniker. In 2014, he also won the MTV award for Best Shirtless Actor. Who needs an Oscar when you have one of them right?


Efron blew our minds again in 2017 with the release of Baywatch. If you want pure Zac eye candy then this is the film for you. He’s pretty much topless throughout and is the buffest he’s ever been and his chest hair is on display in all its glory. Whilst preparing for the movie he got his body fat down to 5% in just 12 weeks. When you’re starring alongside The Rock you need to bulk up. At just over 5’8 he’s not the tallest man and Dwayne Johnson is massive so getting bulked up was essential and we were loving it.  




Zac topless in blue shorts 

WTF - Zac beefed up for Baywatch


We can’t have a feature on Zac Efron and not mention The Greatest Showman. There’s no topless scenes but plenty of big top action. Watching him sing his heart out and perform feats of acrobatics with Zendaya is definitely worth a watch.


Which brings us bang up to date and the fittest Zac Efron yet. He’s hairy, beardy and worthy and we’re here for it. Throughout the eight episodes of Down To Earth he doesn’t get his kit off a great deal but we do get to know him more than we ever have and he’s as sexy as he in vulnerable.


The series is sandwiched by the two episodes where he’s just in a pair of shorts so if you’re watching them in order then you get prime Efron beef at the beginning and then at the end again as a reward. The show itself has breath-taking moments and we see Zac go on an emotional journey that’s really endearing. Eye candy and enlightenment? Yes please!


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