Zachary Quinto going for a dip in his speedos

American Horror star Zachary Quinto looks HOT in his tight little speedos

Zachary is most well-known for starring in Netflix hit series American Horror Story. But what we're most interested in right now, is how gorgeous he looks whilst stood in what looks like a roof top pool. Where is he? How did he get so ripped? And can we have more pics please?!

Zachery Quinto Topless and Toned on Holiday

Zachary Quinto posing pool top/roof top somewhere hot and sunny. He's wearing a small pair of speedos that fit tightly around his bulge.


Zachary Quinto Come Out as Gay in 2011


The actor and film producer came out as gay in 2011. Although Zachary was concerned that him coming out would have a negative impact on his career, he explained that with the amount of gay teen suicides that were happening it felt like an obligation more than anything else.


Zachary said:

"Having enjoyed a certain level of success, I felt like the hypocrisy was too much to bear for me to be enjoying this life that I had created for myself and not acknowledging my identity as a gay man. I felt like it was actively harming a group of young people who the choice to come out could benefit."


 Zachary Quinto in American Horror Story

Zachery Quinto Season 1 American Horror Story

Zachary Quinto playing the previous owner of the murder house in season 1 of American Horror Story. He's looking very camp whilst wearing a checkered shirt and a cardigan thrown over his shoulders and holding his glasses. Looking very surprised whilst his partner is stood behind him observing the conversation with a frown on his face.


Zachery Quinto in season 2 of American Horror Story

Zachery Quinto in Asylum Season 2 looking very assertive whilst holding a pen with a pair of very smart pair of glasses on.


He plays Chad Warwick in season 1 and was the former owner of the murder house with his boyfriend Patrick. After such a great performance in season 1 and getting a great response from American Horror fans, Zachary then went on to play Doctor Oliver is Asylum (season 2). With Zachary being a film producer you can imagine how good he is at getting into a character and absolutely nailing the tiny mannerisms that make the part extremely believable.


 What’s Zachery up to lately?!

Well, you can find him on Netflix on ‘The Boys in the Band’ as Harold. Apart from that, as of late he has featured in German GQ magazine and looks like he is made for the camera! Check out his insta posts…


Zachery Quinto German GQ Cover

Quinto takes to the cover of German GQ. Here, he is halfway up a flight of stairs leaning on both bannisters wearing a long smart looking coat with a jumper and jeans.

Of course, in true GQ taste, he is ever so well-dressed and, my god - he looks so handsome with that smouldering looking on his face and wearing that outfit… we can’t keep our eyes off him!


Zachery Quinto GQ Shoot

Zachary Quinto posing for GQ in a forrest setting with an Alsatian next to him whilst he holds a small dog on his lap. Zachary is leaning forward showing off his toned arms.


Zachery Quinto German GQ Photoshoot

Zachary Quinto in German GQ magazine holding a patterned blanket up the in the air and he shows off his chest hair in a white vest and suit blazer and trousers. 



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