The Best of British Bloke Bulk-Ups

Luke Evans in black shorts muscly topless pecs

Showing us them gains. Pics: @thereallukeevans/Instagram  


The last year has been a ball breaker on us all with no gyms to maintain our physiques, sure we promised ourselves we’d work out from home but there are just too many distractions and with no eye candy to spur us on.


For the stars however, it’s a different story. With easy access to home gyms and personal trainers on call, it’s been the perfect time to bulk up when work has been on the thin side with the TV and movie business screeching to a halt.


Bulking up and cutting are par for the course when you play different parts and these proud Brits have done just that, going for skinny to fitty over the years…


Transformation infatuation


Luke Evans – It’s amazing what 8 months can do. We’ve showed our appreciation for Welshman Evans before but this week he showed us just what he’s been getting up to during the pandemic. Posting the above pic on Instagram he proved just how to make use of your spare time getting fit and building up those pecs, biceps and abs. After star making turns in everything from The Hobbit trilogy to Ma to Beauty and the Beast, he is set to star in another Disney live remake, this time as The Coachman in Pinnochio, also starring Tom Hanks.    


Charlie Hunnam skinny and bulked up

From twink to hunk - Charlie Hunnam (left Queer as Folk, right Pacific Rim)


Charlie Hunnam- Back in the nineties there was a little show called Queer as Folk that pushed boundaries and showed the fun side of LGBT life in Manchester. Hunnam was one of the breakout stars of the series that was written by Russell T Davies who recently had a huge hit on his hands with It’s a Sin. Queer As Folk spawned a hugely popular US spin off and made stars of its principal cast. Now 40, Hunnam had a long road to hotness. Joining hit US show Sons Of Anarchy, the boy had become a man and had a bulked up beefy bod to match.



russell tovey skinny bod left ad right bulked up

Time for Tovey!  Pics: Instagram and ITV


Russell Tovey – Handsome Russ has always been the manly side of queer, even getting in to a spot of hot water when he said in an interview ‘I feel like I could have been really effeminate, if I hadn’t gone to the school I went to … If I’d have been able to relax, prance around, sing in the street, I might be a different person now. I thank my dad for that, for not allowing me to go down that path’. Tovey apologised but the gays forgave him, especially when he bulked up for HBO series Looking which was set in San Francisco and clearly required hotness from its mostly gay male cast. In 2018 he got engaged to boyfriend Steve Brockman but unfortunately they broke up later on down the line.

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