Kieran Hayler Talks About Pleasing Guys on Only Fans

Kierans only gone and joined Only Fans!

Only last month we were discussing Katie Price and her many exes. While they might be numerous, we can all agree that they are somewhat easy on the eye and give us a bulge in our collective undies. After our in-depth look at Only Fans recently, wouldn’t it be a match made in gay heaven if hottest of her exes, Kieran Hayler, joined the platform himself? Well 2020 just got a bit raunchier as that’s exactly what he’s gone and done. We caught up with the man himself to see just how much bang we can expect for our buck…


Tell us about your Only Fans?


I started at the beginning of July. It was all under the radar, only people that searched for me found me in the first month. Then my PR manager put it out into the press and it’s gone a bit crazy! We started to push it at the beginning of August. It worked 100%! I was putting it on my Instagram page and stories and all of a sudden, the fans went up quite quickly.


 'Gay guys know what they want' 


Have you had any advice?


I’m good friends with Kerry Katona and I spoke to her and she gave me a few tips about what to do which was good as I was oblivious and didn’t really get it. Now it’s going really well and I’m in the top 2.3% of all content creators! I used to be a stripper and I enjoyed that side of my life. It’s fun and pretty much the same.



No officer, I swear everyone's social distancing


It’s all about the content…


it’s definitely the thing, getting the content right. I don’t think I have any women followers which doesn’t bother me I used to strip in gay bars all the time. It’s just that gay guys are very picky, they know what they want!


So what can we expect?


On there are full nudes, full nude videos. I’m playing a human Ken doll dressed up in different outfits! It’s exactly like stripping except there you work your way from clothes to no clothes and I’ve sort of gone the other way with this! Full nude for the first few then different types of underwear then for the latest pics I’m in a police outfit. Full wank videos. Not anything that’s explicit, I don’t go and shove things up my ass, but anything like that is all separate charges and request videos.


It doesn’t bother that it’s all guys looking?


I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, I’m not into men I’m into women but I’ll play the straight guy that gay guys fancy. I can play that very well, it’s just a laugh! It makes you feel good about yourself that people want you. Whether it’s gay guys or straight women, it doesn’t matter. It’s nice to get it from both sexes!


'I don’t think I have any women followers'

Kieran Hayler in black and white with black undies on

It you wanna be Kieran's baby, it don't matter if you're black or white


How about doing stuff with guys?


It’s not my cup of tea I definitely wouldn’t [get sucked off].  People get to look at it and don’t get to touch it but think they could touch it. I’m open to having another guy in pics with me, nothing explicit though, me and one of my hot mates, topless with hands on each other’s bodies but that’s it.


Did you look at what other guys were posting?


I probably should have followed other guys to see what content they were posting. I’ve done it all off my own back.  Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with ideas. Once you’ve posed topless or with a pair of pants on, what more can you do? Then you’ve posed naked with your cock out what else is there to do?


Do you own any jocks?


I haven’t got a jockstrap actually which is weird, I could definitely do with some!


Do you work out a lot?


I don’t go to the gym a lot, because I run boot camps I’m constantly on the go and I am training myself. I’m not a member of a gym, I have my own equipment. My V-lines are my favourite part of my body.


'I’m open to having another guy in pics with me'


What about the package?


Well I used to be a stripper so I wasn’t going to walk out with a couple of centimetres hanging out, that’s for sure. I’m alright I reckon I’m about average.



So you’re not shy of getting it all out!


The thing is trying to think of content that would appeal to guys. All women all they want to see is your body, with guys they want a bit more than that because at the end of the day they want to be turned on by what they’re looking at and they want to be able to do something with the picture or the video.


Also, when I’m filming videos, it’s about making them long enough. I know how long it takes me to have a wank, you don’t want to be putting something on loop! I want people to subscribe and be happy not ‘that was boring’!


Kieran Hayler bending forward in g-string 

Kieran gets a bit cheeky on his Only Fans


What sort of numbers are we talking then?


I have 134k on Instagram. To be fair it feels like it becomes a full-time job. Even when I’m working in the day I’m thinking ‘what can I do tonight to spice things up or make it a bit different?’. That’s not a bad thing you can make some really good money.


Are you hoping to make the big bucks?


You know what I don’t have these goals. I want to have 200 fans consistently. I charge £20.99 for a subscription which is quite high but I’m in the public eye which is slightly different. I think that revenues about £3k a month which keeps you ticking over. Any more than that is a bonus, I’m not doing it to be a millionaire. It’ll probably keep going up, I’ve only just started, it’s getting used to what to post out there, what people like and what they enjoy. I’m hoping it’ll just go up, it goes up every day.


'I did a porno and it’s on PornHub' 


It’s all about the feeling good!


When I spoke to Kerry (Katona) she’s like “It makes me feel amazing” and she’s right it does. It makes you feel good about yourself. I went through so many years of feeling shit after being with Kate and not training. It’s nice to feel good again.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to do for a tip?


Foot fetish, playing with my feet. Something I’ve never done before, just a bit weird. Easiest money I’ve ever earned! Just random, something I’d never thought would turn someone on! People that have asked for certain things yeah, I’ve posted pictures like that. I get a lot of praise for answering requests and I interact with everybody. I get requests for every day normal stuff as well!


Do you get scared about pics leaking?


At the end of the day I did a porno and it’s on PornHub so I’m not really too bothered if something’s out there already. And I used to be a stripper so the amount of people who’ve taken pictures of my dick!



With that image firmly in our minds, Kieran was off to his day job of trainer and running boot camps. Like all reality stars or influencers, this has been a tough time with revenues dropping sharply off a cliff. It’s no wonder that guys like Kieran take it to the next level, especially when they’ve got it all out there anyway… Follow Kieran on Only Fans here.

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