Rugby Lads Get Their Thick Thighs Out for The Boys

From Instagram Stevan Stevanovic standing on pitch in red and blue kit

Serbian Stevan Stevanovic shows of his hefty thighs 

People always say that football is our national sport and one of our biggest exports. While footie has expanded around the world and is worth billions and billions of pounds, it’s rugby that’s far more quintessentially British. The game was first invented and played at posh private school… you guessed it, Rugby. The sport can be traced back to 1823 with an incident in a game of football involving a player running with the ball. The game developed there and was taken by Rugby School pupils to their respective universities and the sport was born!


Rugby has almost a more macho image than football with it being hugely contact orientated, more physically demanding and far more gruelling. Playing in the pouring rain in six inches of mud is par for the course in rugby. Add to that the fact players literally have to wrestle each other to the ground for the ball and you have a sport where it’s common place to have missing teeth and cauliflower ears.


Where you have professional footballers rolling around on the floor crying after harsh tackle, rugby players take part in a scrum where they lock arms and bodies like a human armadillo and try their best to push the other team off the ball. This involves furious kicking and trying to hook the ball with studded boots on the ground resulting in injuries that would make a footballer faint.


Keegan Hirst gets tackled on pitch with blond hair

Out rugby player Keegan Hirst, sporting a blond crop, gets tackles 


Due to the physicality of the sport, rugby players, professional or otherwise, have to pack on the muscle resulting in thick legs and a sturdy torso. One of the vital scrum positions is a prop and they are usually stocky and strong in order to physically push the other team into submission.


Here at Box we appreciate a thick leg and it’s one reason we’re always down the pub for the rugby world cup with a Guinness in hand. Checking out rugby players thighs is another welcome aspect to enjoying sports (that’s why we love the Olympics as well after all) and there are a few hotties on the pitch of late that definitely require scouting.


Stevan Stevanovic laying on his front on bed with roses

Even rugby players need some down time. Stevan has a sleep.


On a more serious note, Rugby is far more accepting of gay people as well. With high profile rugby players like Keegan Hirst and Gareth Thomas flying the flag for out gay men in sport. Rugby is much more welcoming for LGBT players and teams than football, despite the fact it's far more physically demanding and requiring full on body contact.


There are gay rugby teams up and down the country that play against all teams regardless of locale or sexuality. So, there you have it, rugby is the game for a more manly man let’s say. While football is the beautiful game, rugby is the game that’ll pick you up and throw you around. We came for the thick thighs but stayed for the inclusivity.


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