Stephen Bear Bares All On Twitter

stephen bear twitter pic topless

Bear showing off his muscles and deep dark tan (Photo credit: Twitter @stephen__bear)


Ex Geordie Shore star and erstwhile Celebrity Big Brother winner Stephen Bear has always been a controversial character Indeed we only wrote about him back in Jan when he was going through some troubling legal issues which have now ben dropped.


Like a moth to a flame however, he’s jumped straight back on the scandal wagon with some moves that have shocked even his most avid fans but had everyone else thinking, ‘are we even that surprised’?


It all comes down to sex. Doesn’t it always? After clearly hitting the gym, Bear now has an impressive physique. Big bulky pecs and huge bulging arms all covered in more tattoos give him something of a porn star look, especially with what seem to be his trademark sunglasses and slick backed hair.


stephen bear topless flexing muscles

Good morning to you too Mr Bear, off to shit in the woods? (Photo credit: Twitter @stephen__bear)


Eschewing the OnlyFans route which is generally heralded as the go-to site for making money on showing adult material (click here for our interview with top OnlyFans star Reno Gold btw), Bear is one of a growing number of ‘performers’ on AVNStars.


Unlike OnlyFans which isn’t specifically for adult content, although the majority of creators do provide this, AVNStars describes itself as ‘world's fastest growing social media platform for the adult entertainment industry’ which pretty much says it all.



stephen bear topless flexing muscles

We'd say drop the towel but he already has! (Photo credit: Twitter @stephen__bear)


The self-styled ‘international playboy’ has taken things a step further however, grabbing headlines in the process. He started trending on Twitter and then one look at his account and you could see why. There he was, bold as brass receiving a blowjob from his current girlfriend Jessica Smith. The clip is less that 30 seconds but it’s explicit enough for people to be shocked that a reality star would intentionally put content like that up.


Normally when a star, reality or otherwise, discovers that there’s a video in the public realm doing something naughty they freak on out (we’re looking at you Tulisa). Not so with Bear, it’s a proper tactic to drive traffic to his paid content. While a lot of stars do OnlyFans, they still claim it’s for their own self esteem or to make some money on the side.


stephen bear topless flexing muscles  

Just relaxin on the having a lil paddle (Photo credit: Twitter @stephen__bear)


Bear has already gloated that he’s made ‘a million dollars’ overnight with the video which is somewhat doubtful but he’s always been somewhat liberal with the truth. He has however created quite a stir with the blowjob video clocking in at over 3 million views so far and the follow up where he’s getting his ass licked over a million!

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